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INTL to International founder, Dr. Dwayne J. Dunbar

Peer mentoring/Counseling 

Eager youth listen as Dr. Dwayne J. Dunbar, Founder/Program Director of INTL to International explains the significance of the “Well Bee” 🐝 stuffed animal they knew they were receiving and their importance and significance of their individual presence and contributions in their communities. 

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Food box drop off with the assistance of our young leaders.

Young but qualified Leaders

At I.N.T.L. (pronounced International) We allow the youth to participate in pro social activities as we navigate throughout the community, supplying resources were needed.(Primarily based off of group members, event drives and donations.)

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The Rose that grew from concrete.

Where there is a will; there is a way!Our mission statement is reflective of the rose that grew from concrete.

We strive to meet the demands of the memebers within our communities. Within Interstate 270 we reach every edge of the city. As we are supported and connected; We can serve and affiliate one another with leadership, resources, support, programming, job readiness and placement, etc.
Additionally we offer public speaking as a method of teaching through experiences. Our target groups are ex felons and at risk youth, as well as entrepreneurs of all ages.

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Food Donation Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Reinforcing our Commitment

Hunger does not cease to exist because the weather is bad. To combat the harsh conditions; we offer delivery of food boxes and donations. Rain, sleet, hail, or snow; We find a way through.

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Health Clinic

Because of our hard work and commitment to uplifting the community; We’ve been able to make meaningful relationships. In doing so, we elevate as a whole!

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Smiling medical personel

Homeless Outreach

Helping The Community

Whether it’s driving around in search of individuals, or frequenting places our loved ones are known to be; We find any homeless people and extend our resource pool to them as well. “There is no way we can move on if we can’t bring everyone along.”-D.P. Scribe
At least once a week we are out and about, making our rounds.

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Community Engagement 

SAFETY IS PRIORITY.If this is an emergency, We highly recommend you call or contact the local authorities(police, fire department, etc) immediately.Also, the safety of the members in our communities and the members associated within  our organization is upheld by not escalating situations. We are not the local authority, nor do we possess the means to apprehend or physically handle anyone without permission. ***We can be mediators with ties to the community and Leaders with pupils amongst the neighborhood, but SAFETY IS FIRST***

We engage the community through the members willingness to accept the resources we connect them with; in doing so we create relationships that lead to support, followed by consistency with presence and helpful information that can further lead to strengthening trust level.
(pic above: 3-13-21 M.O.M.C.C. Spring Covering-West Broad St.)***hand is covered as precautionary measure handling microphone 


Public/Motivational Speaking

Target groups: ex felons/at risk youthEntrepreneurs of all ages!

With a variety of topics and issues to discuss, we engage in open forum discussions and facilitator led groups. Our expertise with emphasis on experience and expression is closely related to gun violence, perseverance, fortitude, planning, business and non profit start up, and many many more topics.

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“I’m not sayin’ I will change the world...but I guarantee I spark the mind that changes the world.”

Tupac Shakur 

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INTL to International 

Feel free to reach out about ideas or initiatives that you would like to collaborate about. However we can be resourceful; we intend to be.

35 E. Livingston Ave Columbus, Oh 43215

(740) 777-9557

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